Magnetic Balls 5mm 512 Pieces + 8 Spare (Light Blue)

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This magnetic building set consists of 520(a set of 512 plus 8 spare) high standard magnetic balls that connects with each other. Use them when you need to massage your hand or mind, practice your patience, relieve from burden or alleviate some stress, or just get inspired by squeezing them into randomized shapes, enjoy the fun of exploration.

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Unlike many unstable cube-packaged magnetic ball sets, we choose Hexagon, the most stable magnet stacks, as our packaging shape. We want to guarantee that our product reaches you in perfect condition. With a little trick, you can turn it into a 8*8*8 cube easily.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Spare magnets are offered in case you accidently lose one or several of them. The hexagons are arranged like a book of magnets. Enjoy our creativities for you.

With the package, you will get: 
√ 512 magnetic sphere
√ 8 spare magnets
√ A pencil-box-size tinplate can, perfect for gift packaging
√ A 0.76mm PVC separating card (marked with magnet counting ruler, as well as construction guide)

Product Specifications: 
Material: Neodymium magnetic metal balls
Color: Light Blue
Diameter: 5mm each
Package weight: 4.94oz (140g)

WARNING: Don’t leave them around children who don’t understand this. US gov recommends ages 14+. Magnets may cause fatal intestinal pinching if swallowed. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.

Weight 0.72 g
Dimensions 48.03 × 23.62 × 3.94 cm

8 reviews for Magnetic Balls 5mm 512 Pieces + 8 Spare (Light Blue)

  1. Joseph Cassidy

    Great product, just as advertised, nicely packaged, thanks you

  2. Sean Roberts

    Super awesome! So fun to build and play with.

  3. Keith Jenkins

    Purchased these for my grandchildren and they haven’t stopped playing with them! These 5mm magnetic balls are both beautiful and entertaining,

  4. Brian Barnes

    My boyfriend and i are obsessed with this fidget toy. he isn’t able to make anything but i’m very good at it so when i make them he takes it for the texture and plays with it until he breaks it. this doesn’t make me mad though because building them is a stress reliever for me

  5. Thomas Watson

    Great little fidget toy at my desk.

  6. Emily Collins

    Mya daughter loves them, will be purchasing more.

  7. Bobbijo

    These are fun and strong.

  8. Gustavo

    El art??culo lleg?? de acuerdo a lo espero. Gracias

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